Recently added Music Videos

  Artist Video title Category Added Src
The Bitter TruthSavage MessiahThe Bitter TruthMetal & X-Core2 months
The SunSleep TalkThe SunMetal & X-Core2 months
UnsaintedSlipknotUnsaintedMetal & X-Core2 months
Chapter I: The Emptiness - PolunosznicaBatushkaChapter I: The Emptiness - PolunosznicaMetal & X-Core2 months
BláfjallSólstafirBláfjallMetal & X-Core2 months
PandemoniumNita StraussPandemoniumMetal & X-Core2 months
Our Most Desperate HourNita StraussOur Most Desperate HourMetal & X-Core2 months
Mariana Trench (Live Video)Nita StraussMariana Trench (Live Video)Metal & X-Core2 months
Sovereign SanctityHateSovereign SanctityMetal & X-Core2 months
Monuments For Dead GodsThis Gift Is A CurseMonuments For Dead GodsMetal & X-Core2 months
Stillborn (HD)Black Label SocietyStillborn (HD)Metal & X-Core2 months
War PigsZakk SabbathWar PigsMetal & X-Core2 months
All That Once ShinedBlack Label SocietyAll That Once ShinedMetal & X-Core2 months
A Love UnrealBlack Label SocietyA Love UnrealMetal & X-Core2 months
Trampled Down BelowBlack Label SocietyTrampled Down BelowMetal & X-Core2 months
Bored To TearsBlack Label SocietyBored To TearsMetal & X-Core2 months
TetheredArch/MatheosTetheredMetal & X-Core2 months, 1 week
Ahi KaAlien WeaponryAhi KaMetal & X-Core2 months, 1 week
Living On The Run (Live @ Sweden Rock Festival)H.E.A.TLiving On The Run (Live @ Sweden Rock…Metal & X-Core2 months, 1 week
Hartgeld Im Club (ft. Antifuchs & Pilz)CallejonHartgeld Im Club (ft. Antifuchs & Pilz)Metal & X-Core2 months, 1 week
Until The EndVolumesUntil The EndMetal & X-Core2 months, 1 week
First World Problem Child (ft. Sam Carter) (Live Video)Stray From The PathFirst World Problem Child (ft. Sam Ca…Metal & X-Core2 months, 1 week
C’est Mon Dernier Pigeon1914C’est Mon Dernier PigeonMetal & X-Core2 months, 1 week
HegemonySamaelHegemonyMetal & X-Core2 months, 1 week
Mushroom CloudOf Mice & MenMushroom CloudMetal & X-Core2 months, 2 weeks

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