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Blackened (Live - Edmonton, Alberta - 2017)MetallicaBlackened (Live - Edmonton, Alberta -…Metal & X-Core3 weeks, 5 days
Nothing Else Matters (Live - Edmonton, Alberta - 2017)MetallicaNothing Else Matters (Live - Edmonton…Metal & X-Core3 weeks, 5 days
Enter Sandman (Live - Edmonton, Alberta - 2017)MetallicaEnter Sandman (Live - Edmonton, Alber…Metal & X-Core3 weeks, 5 days
BelligerentKublai KhanBelligerentMetal & X-Core3 weeks, 6 days
PlasterSpeakerPlasterMetal & X-Core3 weeks, 6 days
SteambreatherMastodonSteambreatherMetal & X-Core3 weeks, 6 days
Return To EarthThe ContortionistReturn To EarthMetal & X-Core3 weeks, 6 days
The Eagle Flies AloneArch EnemyThe Eagle Flies AloneMetal & X-Core4 weeks
StrongholdGatecreeperStrongholdMetal & X-Core4 weeks
Die Freiheit Ist Eine PflichtDie Apokalyptischen ReiterDie Freiheit Ist Eine PflichtMetal & X-Core4 weeks
GrudgeMiracle DrugGrudgeMetal & X-Core1 month
NightbringersThe Black Dahlia MurderNightbringersMetal & X-Core1 month
Humble. (Kendrick Lamar)Our Last NightHumble. (Kendrick Lamar)Metal & X-Core1 month
You'll Always Look The Same To MeNeck Of The WoodsYou'll Always Look The Same To MeMetal & X-Core1 month
Auf Und Nieder (NSFW)Die Apokalyptischen ReiterAuf Und Nieder (NSFW)Metal & X-Core1 month
Puppet MasterThy Art Is MurderPuppet MasterMetal & X-Core1 month
Miles & MilesCold BlackMiles & MilesMetal & X-Core1 month
Steal The SunWhile She SleepsSteal The SunMetal & X-Core1 month
Way of the WarriorEnsiferumWay of the WarriorMetal & X-Core1 month
WarfareFleshkillerWarfareMetal & X-Core1 month
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (MetOnTour - San Francisco, CA - 2017)MetallicaWelcome Home (Sanitarium) (MetOnTour …Metal & X-Core1 month
PaparazziExit EdenPaparazziMetal & X-Core1 month
Hands Of FateSavage MessiahHands Of FateMetal & X-Core1 month
Der Fliegende MannGothministerDer Fliegende MannMetal & X-Core1 month
Preachers Of DeathThe HauntedPreachers Of DeathMetal & X-Core1 month

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