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  Artist Video title Category Added Src
Lustral (Alternative)BTLustral (Alternative)Experimental2 days, 3 hrs
Jenny GoGoXiu XiuJenny GoGoExperimental5 days, 20 hrs
NotchBlankingNotchExperimental6 days, 3 hrs
The Code Of Hammurabi (Alternative)BTThe Code Of Hammurabi (Alternative)Experimental1 week, 1 day
Five Hundred and Eighty TwoBTFive Hundred and Eighty TwoExperimental1 week, 2 days
ChromatophoreBTChromatophoreExperimental1 week, 5 days
Found in TranslationBTFound in TranslationExperimental3 weeks
Mint JulepPeople SkillsMint JulepExperimental1 month
SpellEmily ReoSpellExperimental1 month
Oxide 1Channel No OneOxide 1Experimental1 month
ObamaAnohniObamaExperimental1 month, 2 weeks
SulfurTanya TagaqSulfurExperimental1 month, 2 weeks
LiftKatie GatelyLiftExperimental1 month, 2 weeks
HeraUni Ika AiHeraExperimental1 month, 2 weeks
Four EthersserpentwithfeetFour EthersExperimental2 months
RetributionTanya TagaqRetributionExperimental2 months, 2 weeks
Vector of LightMikael SeifuVector of LightExperimental2 months, 2 weeks
Lost You (ft. DRS)MoiréLost You (ft. DRS)Experimental2 months, 2 weeks
Starwood ChokerBing & RuthStarwood ChokerExperimental2 months, 2 weeks
SunporchWallsSunporchExperimental2 months, 2 weeks
Burnt SiennaWallsBurnt SiennaExperimental2 months, 2 weeks
Never Alone In A Dark Room (NSFW)Ricky Eat AcidNever Alone In A Dark Room (NSFW)Experimental2 months, 2 weeks
NIVLambchopNIVExperimental2 months, 2 weeks
Sticky Drama (Four Tet Extended Version)Oneohtrix Point NeverSticky Drama (Four Tet Extended Version)Experimental2 months, 3 weeks
Yesh' Te (w. Steve Moshier)Anna HomlerYesh' Te (w. Steve Moshier)Experimental2 months, 3 weeks
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