Recently added Music Videos

  Artist Video title Category Added Src
Give 'Em the AxeLizzy BordenGive 'Em the AxeMetal & X-Core13 hrs, 13 mins
Orgasmic Spiritual Ecstasy (NSFW)Svart CrownOrgasmic Spiritual Ecstasy (NSFW)Metal & X-Core14 hrs, 9 mins
The CellGojiraThe CellMetal & X-Core17 hrs, 26 mins
Silence Speaks (ft. Oli Sykes)While She SleepsSilence Speaks (ft. Oli Sykes)Metal & X-Core22 hrs, 3 mins
Heaven SentDown & DirtyHeaven SentMetal & X-Core22 hrs, 30 mins
GenocideHometruthsGenocideMetal & X-Core1 day, 15 hrs
Died In My SleepDemon HunterDied In My SleepMetal & X-Core2 days, 11 hrs
GravityArchitectsGravityMetal & X-Core2 days, 14 hrs
Last Train Home (Live at Wacken Open Air)Armored SaintLast Train Home (Live at Wacken Open …Metal & X-Core2 days, 15 hrs
Damaged GoodsKingdom Of GiantsDamaged GoodsMetal & X-Core3 days, 11 hrs
Bringer Of PainBattle BeastBringer Of PainMetal & X-Core3 days, 14 hrs
Creeping Death (MetOnTour - Beijing, China - 2017)MetallicaCreeping Death (MetOnTour - Beijing, …Metal & X-Core3 days, 14 hrs
Sanity Hits A (Perfect) ZeroDevilmentSanity Hits A (Perfect) ZeroMetal & X-Core3 days, 18 hrs
Nothing Else MattersMetallicaNothing Else MattersMetal & X-Core3 days, 20 hrs
King NothingMetallicaKing NothingMetal & X-Core3 days, 20 hrs
OneMetallicaOneMetal & X-Core3 days, 20 hrs
The Day That Never ComesMetallicaThe Day That Never ComesMetal & X-Core3 days, 20 hrs
FuelMetallicaFuelMetal & X-Core3 days, 20 hrs
Dead and BuriedMisery Loves CompanyDead and BuriedMetal & X-Core5 days, 13 hrs
On Her Mind (ft. Pouya)VolumesOn Her Mind (ft. Pouya)Metal & X-Core5 days, 15 hrs
Flesh CoffinLorna ShoreFlesh CoffinMetal & X-Core6 days, 13 hrs
Dark MatterOnce HumanDark MatterMetal & X-Core6 days, 16 hrs
The VenomousNightrageThe VenomousMetal & X-Core6 days, 17 hrs
Mourning Palace (live)Dimmu BorgirMourning Palace (live)Metal & X-Core6 days, 19 hrs
Better DayIslanderBetter DayMetal & X-Core1 week

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