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Ov Hell (ft. Darius Tehrani)A Wake In ProvidenceOv Hell (ft. Darius Tehrani)Metal & X-Core7 months, 3 weeks
Go To War (War for the Planet of the Apes)Nothing MoreGo To War (War for the Planet of the …Metal & X-Core7 months, 3 weeks
In Tremor DeiMoonspellIn Tremor DeiMetal & X-Core7 months, 3 weeks
Skull CandyCoffin CarouselSkull CandyMetal & X-Core7 months, 3 weeks
Hell BelowPhinehasHell BelowMetal & X-Core7 months, 4 weeks
RebirthEluveitieRebirthMetal & X-Core7 months, 4 weeks
Breathe in the BlackMorta SkuldBreathe in the BlackMetal & X-Core7 months, 4 weeks
HeedlessFeed The RhinoHeedlessMetal & X-Core7 months, 4 weeks
VindicationSparzanzaVindicationMetal & X-Core7 months, 4 weeks
Monsters & HeroesAppiceMonsters & HeroesMetal & X-Core7 months, 4 weeks
Spit Out the Bone (Live - London, England - 2017)MetallicaSpit Out the Bone (Live - London, Eng…Metal & X-Core7 months, 4 weeks
DerailedFor All EternityDerailedMetal & X-Core7 months, 4 weeks
The Prophets of LossCattle DecapitationThe Prophets of LossMetal & X-Core7 months, 4 weeks
I'm No Good For You! (NSFW)Babylon A.D.I'm No Good For You! (NSFW)Metal & X-Core7 months, 4 weeks
Farewell, Man (w. Full of Hell)The BodyFarewell, Man (w. Full of Hell)Metal & X-Core8 months
How Did We Get So Dark?Royal BloodHow Did We Get So Dark?Metal & X-Core8 months
Full Of HateFirespawnFull Of HateMetal & X-Core8 months
Fuel (MetOnTour - London, England - 2017)MetallicaFuel (MetOnTour - London, England - 2…Metal & X-Core8 months
We Are The Ones Who Rule The WorldGothministerWe Are The Ones Who Rule The WorldMetal & X-Core8 months
What’s Killing MeNocturnal RitesWhat’s Killing MeMetal & X-Core8 months
A Statue Of The KingAvatarA Statue Of The KingMetal & X-Core8 months
Hope In TragedyTwelve NoonHope In TragedyMetal & X-Core8 months
I'll Be Your MonsterGWARI'll Be Your MonsterMetal & X-Core8 months
Death of Me (ft Darius of Spite)BodysnatcherDeath of Me (ft Darius of Spite)Metal & X-Core8 months
TornKriminalsTornMetal & X-Core8 months

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