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Quartermaster's Stores (audio)The ShadowsQuartermaster's Stores (audio)Oldies5 months, 2 weeks
Bend It! (TopPop)Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichBend It! (TopPop)Oldies1 year, 1 month
A Little Bit Of Soap (Audio)The JarmelsA Little Bit Of Soap (Audio)Oldies1 year, 2 months
I'm A Believer (HD)The MonkeesI'm A Believer (HD)Oldies1 year, 4 months
Take Good Care Of My Baby (R.I.P. Bobby Vee)Bobby VeeTake Good Care Of My Baby (R.I.P. Bob…Oldies1 year, 4 months
The KidAndré BrasseurThe KidOldies1 year, 7 months
Let's DanceChris MontezLet's DanceOldies1 year, 7 months
Big Fat SpiritualAndré BrasseurBig Fat SpiritualOldies1 year, 7 months
Early BirdAndré BrasseurEarly BirdOldies1 year, 7 months
Days Of Pearly Spencer (alt.)David McWilliamsDays Of Pearly Spencer (alt.)Oldies1 year, 7 months
Days of Pearly SpencerDavid McWilliamsDays of Pearly SpencerOldies1 year, 7 months
The Pied PiperCrispian St PetersThe Pied PiperOldies1 year, 7 months
You Were On My MindCrispian St. PetersYou Were On My MindOldies1 year, 7 months
You Were On My MindWe FiveYou Were On My MindOldies1 year, 7 months
I Like It Like ThatThe Dave Clark FiveI Like It Like ThatOldies1 year, 7 months
Over and OverThe Dave Clark FiveOver and OverOldies1 year, 7 months
Catch Us If You CanThe Dave Clark FiveCatch Us If You CanOldies1 year, 7 months
Glad All Over (original video 1963)The Dave Clark FiveGlad All Over (original video 1963)Oldies1 year, 7 months
BecauseThe Dave Clark FiveBecauseOldies1 year, 7 months
Un mechon de tu cabelloSalvatore AdamoUn mechon de tu cabelloOldies2 years, 3 months
Inch'AllahSalvatore AdamoInch'AllahOldies2 years, 3 months
VoilàFrançoise HardyVoilàOldies2 years, 3 months
Comment te dire adieu?Françoise HardyComment te dire adieu?Oldies2 years, 3 months
Mon amie la roseFrançoise HardyMon amie la roseOldies2 years, 3 months
Mit verbundenen AugenBata IllicMit verbundenen AugenOldies2 years, 3 months

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