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  Artist Video title Category Added Src
HappyJulia MichaelsHappyPop3 weeks
Maybe You're The ReasonThe Japanese HouseMaybe You're The ReasonPop3 weeks
Just You And I (The Today Show)Tom WalkerJust You And I (The Today Show)Pop3 weeks
Wild (ft. Chelcee Grimes, Tini, Jhay Cortez)Jonas BlueWild (ft. Chelcee Grimes, Tini, Jhay …Pop3 weeks, 1 day
Shallow (w. Bradley Cooper)(The Oscars 2019)Lady GagaShallow (w. Bradley Cooper)(The Oscar…Pop3 weeks, 2 days
5 Dols (Clip Officiel)Christine and the Queens5 Dols (Clip Officiel)Pop3 weeks, 2 days
Mama (ft. Ellie Goulding)Clean BanditMama (ft. Ellie Goulding)Pop3 weeks, 3 days
Valerie (ft. Amy Winehouse)Mark RonsonValerie (ft. Amy Winehouse)Pop3 weeks, 3 days
Narcissus Is BackChristine and the QueensNarcissus Is BackPop3 weeks, 4 days
Narcissus Is Back (Alternate Version)Christine and the QueensNarcissus Is Back (Alternate Version)Pop3 weeks, 4 days
Nuit 17 à 52Christine and the QueensNuit 17 à 52Pop3 weeks, 4 days
The Loving CupChristine and the QueensThe Loving CupPop3 weeks, 4 days
Saint Claude (Clip Officiel)Christine and the QueensSaint Claude (Clip Officiel)Pop3 weeks, 4 days
ChristineChristine and the QueensChristinePop3 weeks, 4 days
No Harm Is Done (ft. Tunji Ige)Christine and the QueensNo Harm Is Done (ft. Tunji Ige)Pop3 weeks, 4 days
Paradis PerdusChristine and the QueensParadis PerdusPop3 weeks, 4 days
TiltedChristine and the QueensTiltedPop3 weeks, 4 days
Saint ClaudeChristine and the QueensSaint ClaudePop3 weeks, 4 days
Tilted (The Brits 2017)Christine and the QueensTilted (The Brits 2017)Pop3 weeks, 4 days
Girlfriend (ft. Dâm-funk)Christine and the QueensGirlfriend (ft. Dâm-funk)Pop3 weeks, 4 days
Damn, dis-moi (ft. Dâm-funk)Christine and the QueensDamn, dis-moi (ft. Dâm-funk)Pop3 weeks, 4 days
Doesn't Matter (Voleur De Soleil)Christine and the QueensDoesn't Matter (Voleur De Soleil)Pop3 weeks, 4 days
Doesn't MatterChristine and the QueensDoesn't MatterPop3 weeks, 4 days
5 DollarsChristine and the Queens5 DollarsPop3 weeks, 4 days
La MarcheuseChristine and the QueensLa MarcheusePop3 weeks, 4 days

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